Going Out or Staying In?



Hey all, hope you are all well!
Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine (it's back to rain here). 
During lockdown - I really thought I'd be saving money as I wouldn't need to buy any outfits because I had nowhere to go. I was so incredibly wrong. But let's just say - my post lockdown wardrobe is going to be sooo amazing! But at the same time, I couldn't help but also buy a few lockdown outfits to chill out in. 

The above outfits were provided by Femme Luxe Finery for this post - but all thoughts are my own.
The quality of all of these outfits were so so nice. Especially the wine tracksuit. It's just the right material for this weather - cozy but not too thick. 
But can we talk about how beautiful the White Kellen dress is?? Those sleeves!! They are sooo dreamy. I am in love! I cannot wait to go out in it - especially around Christmas time - it'll look so beaut.
The Angelica wrap dress is so forgiving - great for dinner if you are planning to over-indulge. You can also wear it off the shoulder which I haven't done yet but deffo will. I may have to purchase it in another colour too as its soo easy to wear.
The last piece is my working from home outfit for sure. Who doesn't love an oversized t-shirt and a pair of leggings that aren't see-through!

I really enjoyed working with Femme Luxe - and loved styling the different outfits for this post.

Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead.

Romana x.

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