Heaps of Sweets



Hola! First post of the year - eek... Sorry. I actually have so much content that I want to upload - but working full time & a toddler means loss of winter sun REAL quick. And pictures in natural lighting just don't look as good.

Anyway, on to the product. I've had this palette for a couple of months now, and I knew I needed this as soon as I heard about it - Shaaanxo is my favourite YouTuber - I could spend all my days watching her videos. Especially those decluttering videos - the fast forwarding sounds are just so therapeutic. If you know, you know.

So I basically set an Instagram reminder for when she was going to announce launch day - and as soon as I got the notification that the palette was live - I clicked add to cart. As the palette was coming from New Zealand it took about a week or so to arrive (but it was well worth the wait).

The shadows are so vibrant and so easy to blend. So butteryyyy! I love all of the colours! I did do a look on Christmas day using this palette but sadly didn't take any pictures. I will hopefully post a look using this palette soon on Instagram.

Out of all of my palettes this is the only palette my three year old fights with me over - every time I pull this out she tries to steal it! If that doesn't tell you how appealing this palette is, I don;t know what will.

 Romana x.

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