In Love With The Koko



Hey everyone, hope everyone is enjoying spooky szn. I know I am (keep your eyes peeled for some makeup posts) 😄

But until then, I am back with another review on liquid lipsticks - shock!

I actually wanted this collection as soon as I saw it - but I hesitated - "do I really need more liquid lipsticks?". 

Anyway, when I saw that there was a sale on Kylie Cosmetics due to it being National Sister Day, I had to check out her collabs with her sisters to see what I could swoop up.

It was done.

The formula for the 3 liquid lipsticks is really nice actually, applies easily, creamy, easy to use. The liquid lippies aren't overly drying, and their staying power is decent, I must admit. The usual applies obviously - oily food will give you that halo effect. Reapplying the lipstick isn't too bad either - just be careful - if you add too much it might end up looking a bit cakey and dry.

The gloss does what it says on the tin. It isn't overly sticky at all. Smells nice. It isn't majorly opaque for my natural lip shade - the shimmer comes through nicely too. It's actually a really good gloss and I am glad it comes in the pack!

I can't really compare this collection with the original lipkits because I've actually never tried them at all. I really want Posie K now though - it just looks so pretty. Maybe one day - we'll see 🌚

Romana x.

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