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Hello, hi!

I made it back again! And it didn't take months this time. Obvs winning at life atm.

I had to write about a mask that I am living for at the moment! The Dr Botanicals Po Pomegranate Regenerating Sleeping mask.

I first got the mask in my Glossy Box, but me and the hubby loved it so much that we had to rebuy it once it ran out.

It's not like a normal face mask. It looks more like a cream or moisturizer, and you apply it as such before going to bed.

If I have any imperfections, I apply this and wake up with such an improvement on my skin. A certain makeup product gave me a slight rash once, a day before my brother's wedding of course - I applied a decent amount of this mask on the rash and it almost disappeared by the next morning! It really is that amazing.

My husband has rosacea and this genuinely helps him so much!

Even if I don't have imperfections, I apply this before bed and wake up with brighter looking skin. I haven't found a single fault yet. The scent is very subtle too, and does not linger at all.

I love it!

Romana x.

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