Heng Fang Glitter Eyeshadow



Happy bank holiday weekend!
The sun always seems to shine on bank holiday weekends, so weird right? But I'm not complaining!

Pretty much everyone has seen the Stila liquid glitter eyeshadows, they're so pretty and create the most shimmery prestige looking makeup look. However, they are a bit on the pricey side; especially if you want to buy a few.
I have seen some dupes by Makeup Revolution and even Primark, but the cheapest one by far is by Chinese makeup brand Heng Fang.

The packaging very much resembles the Stila ones. The application is smooth and pretty consistent.
I have used most of the colours and the only thing I recommend is to do one eyelid at a time as it takes time to dry - as I'm sure all liquid eyeshadows do. They also wash off very easily - with just water. the swatches melted off my arm as soon as the warm water hit them for longer than 3 seconds. Not a bad thing - unless you are an easy cryer - or if you're having a bad day.

I bought these on Amazon for less than £2 each, and I'm sure there are more colours to buy now. I might just go have a look.

Romana x.

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