The Power of Aloe



Hi my loves, hope everyone is doing well and keeping out of the cold!
I love looking at the snow but the older you get the more it turns into a nuisance.

Anyway, cold weather aside, this past weekend I was invited to the Power of Aloe Yoga event with Forever Living UK, and their beautiful embassador Kristina Rihanoff, by the lovely Diane from Fibre PR.

The event showcased some of Forever Living UK's best products as well as a fantastic yoga session lead by Strictly's Kristina Rihanoff. A question and answer session with Kristina also gave attendees a great insight into her favourite Living UK's products and how yoga has influenced her life. 

I have only ever practiced yoga a couple of times from home via YouTube whilst pregnant as it was a great help with my sciatica at the time. I have always heard about the positives of yoga and how great it is for the body and also the mind but never did get round to trying it out properly or going to a session. I have always preferred Pilates as it builds strength and muscle that little bit more intensely. But honestly, the yoga session at this event was incredible - it soothed me, cleared my head and left me feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day. Kristina was a brilliant instructor, very articulate and warm. 

As well as the yoga and Q&A sessions, there was also face/body painting, refreshments, lunch and some amazing goodie boxes. 

I would like to thank Diane for inviting me to such a great event and for being so warm and welcoming. Although this was the first time I had ever met Diane, by the end of the event I felt like I had known her for the longest time. She was so sweet, and I really hope to work with her again!

Romana 💕

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