Kylie Bronze Extended Palette



Happy New Year gorgeous!
I hope that 2019 truly is your year, and that you make the best and most unforgettable memories ever.

Back in 2018 (!) I finally added some Kylie Cosmetics to my makeup collection. Don't get me wrong - I have always fancied a lip kit or 3 but I have never fully taken the plunge. But when I saw the most "me" eyeshadow palette out there I just had to buy it.

The palette size itself is pretty big, so the mirror is a very good size when you're travelling.
The pigment is pretty good too, especially if you use a primer or light base. The shimmer ones are gorgeous! And really shine through.
The brush that came with the palette was super soft, and really good for blending. But then as soon as I washed it, it became rough and horrible. It doesn't feel the same or blend the same - and I definitely did not wash it harshly!

I'm glad I bought this palette - and using My MallBox to ship it over from the US meant that there was no custom charges which is another bonus!

Was it worth the price tag though? Not entirely sure, but I loved the colours so I don't mind what I paid for it.

Romana x.

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