The Worst Face Oil... Why?



Hi ladies! How have you all been spending your week? Crazy deep snow has seen me working from home all week, which deffo has its benefits (PJs all day!). But it also left me with cabin fever. I NEED TO GET OUT.

But one thing being home all week has allowed me to do is concentrate on my skin care. And for the first time in almost 2 years, I really have been taking care of and treating my skin.

About a year ago, I went looking for a facial oil that was going to deeply moisturise my skin and also brighten it. I came across Manuka Doctor facial oils from Holland and Barrats. I had only heard of this brand once before, Kourtney Kardashian. But the oil description was everything I was looking for, and the price tag sold me (£15). So me and my best friend ordered it online and when it came I couldn't wait to open the box.

It looked great. Glass bottle. Looking sleek, expensive. I opened it up, and bam. The smell hit me. HIT me like a tonne of bricks falling straight onto my face. The only way I could describe the smell is, really old, dirty, crusty socks that have been stuck underneath the bed for over a year, mixed in with some Bio Oil. Straight up NASTY.

I would be lying if I said the smell didn't put me off... I just couldn't bring myself to use it. I couldn't bring myself to use it then get into bed next to my husband who would've been as disgusted as me, if not even more! My bestfriend felt the exact the same way. I have, however, attempted to use it as much as possible. Dare I say it, I have gotten used to the stench.

The oil itself is actually great. I apply it before I go to bed, and wake up with glowing skin. Really glowing, bright and ready skin. Even if Aaleyah has had me up through the night. So for that I am super grateful. I don't know if I will ever get through the whole bottle. Nor do I think I will ever repurchase it. But if you're looking for a really good face oil, and you have no sense of smell... Then this is the oil for you!

Romana x.

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  1. Romana, it’s Zeinab :) I just read this post. You are so good at describing lol! (That socks example is insane!!)) I have never used face oil before. I have acne so don’t know if oils r for me xx

  2. So glad it worked out for you! x