Edinburgh Cheese Fest



Well hello there my loves. It's been a while. I know, I know. 
It honestly feels like I don't get more than 10 mins to myself but it's a new year (albeit 2 months in) and I plan to seriously change this this time.

I have treated myself to a new camera as a certain someone (my ever so cute yet mischievous child) broke my last one. I had to test it out last week when me and my sisters went to check out Cheese Fest in the capital!

It was a lot of fun, walking around the stalls, and seeing what was on offer. Talking to the merchants and hearing what they had to say. And of course, tasting the yum food! However, to be completely honest, I did feel it was a little underwhelming. Maybe I had hyped it up too much. Maybe my love of cheese wasn't as great as I thought it was. Maybe I would have preferred more Mac & Cheese in my waffles. Maybe smoked Cheddar wasn't the best choice for the Mac & Cheese for me. Maybe I just like my Halloumi grilled and not fried. Who knows. But it was a fun experience and as tickets didn't cost much at all - I would definitely recommend if you're a fan of good cheese!


 Romana x.

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