Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics



Hello familia!!
It really has been so long. I can't even use being a mum as an excuse, as I do get free time now, and to be honest, Aaleyah is so nosy she loves watching me do picture shots.
I have just been getting into a routine with Aaleyah; taking her out, food. FOOD! Yes, she is eating food... I can't deal. But I'm back!

So, lets begin...
One of the first YouTubers I started watching was Carli Bybel. She's gorgeous, talented, and funny. When her original palette came out with BH Cosmetics I really wanted it - but held off for some strange reason. But I'm so glad I did, as the deluxe version is even better than the original!

I have used this palette for so many looks. Its so versatile, and the colours are gorgeous. The shadows and highlighters are super pigmented - I barely ever use a primer underneath them. I have noticed some fallout though, but really minor to be honest.

The 2 long highlighters have some glitter through them, but nothing obnoxious. The other 4 are just perfect. Honestly, just gorgeous! I use them as eyeshadow too - the colours are just so versatile.

A little look I did with the palette on the weekend.

You can purchase the palette at Carli's website Pranava Beauty as well as the BH Cosmetic website for $22.50. I think with P&P to the UK the palette cost me around £20. Totally worth it to me!

See you soon (and I mean it this time!!) x.x.x.

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