Greasy Day Hairstyles



Well, hello there!
It has surely been a while. For those who don't know, I welcomed my beautiful baby girl on the 30th of November (11 days late). And due to this, I've been enjoying her therefore everything else has been on the back burner.

As a new/first time mum, I quickly realised that there wouldn't be a lot of "me time" in the first couple of months. This meant not a lot of hair-washing days. I therefore had to resort to hairstyles for greasy hair which would be acceptable for visitors.

Here are some of my favourites...

1. Half Up, Half Down

Ariana Grande

2. Messy Bun
*Image from Pinterest*

 3. Crown Braid
Jennifer Lawrence

4. Classic Ponytail
Kendall Jenner

5. Dutch braids
Kim Kardashian West

6. Half Up, Half Down bun
Khloe Kardashian

Romana x.

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