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Hello loves!
Hope everyone is well, and having a good week. Who has seen the John Lewis Christmas advert?! I love it! Its so cute.
On another bright note - I finally hooked up the Smart TV to the wireless internet in the new house. It took me over an hour because I forgot how to! Netflix on tap! *Salsa dancer emoji*

Anyway, I've been a fan of Huda Kattan for years now - I bought her Huda Beauty eyelashes a couple of years ago and I just love the quality and feel of them. They look so luxurious. I've been wanting to try her lip products for a while and decided to treat myself!

I logged onto Cult Beauty and bought a lip contour & liquid lipstick in the shade Icon.

The lip contour is just a clever name for the good ol' lip liner; which is super creamy and just glides on. The liquid lipstick itself is one of the softest liquid lips I've ever worn. And I have worn a lot. It smells sweet - but the smell isn't overbearing nor does it linger. Both are long lasting, and can be worn together or separately. Its not a kit - they don't come together and not all liquid lipsticks come with matching lip contour shades but most of them can be used freely.

My one major downfall about the liquid lipstick is how runny it is. I tipped the liquid lipstick tube with one hand while I was trying to swatch with the other hand - and some of the product dripped all over a furry white rug. Kill me now. The rug is currently in the washing machine - fingers crossed, guys.

All in all - I do really like the products and would probably buy the products in different colours.

Romana x.

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  1. Been dying to try the liquid lipstick, you've definitely sold it to me! I hope your rug came out white again! If not grab some white vinegar or vanish oxi action spray and soak it for a couple of hours and re wash. Power duo! Mel x

    1. Its one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have ever used. If it thee most.
      Unfortunately, I tried everything but the rug was a no go ugh. And therefore had to bin the rug :( x.x.x.