Battle of the US Talk Shows



Hey everyone!
Lately I have been more into US talk shows than any other TV show. There's no real reason why, I don't think. Its just good to not have to fully concentrate on the TV at all times I guess? I don't have to pause the show if I go into the kitchen to grab a snack. Perfect 👌

So here are my favourites in order...

1. The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show is major in the US as I'm sure most of us know. She's really fun and relaxed and funny as well. You can tell she's been doing this for a long time - the way she speaks to the audience as well as her guests. She is definitely a pro! People get so super excited to be on her shows and take part in her games. And one thing I've realised is that she is SUPER generous - always hosting giveaways and giving out prizes including money and holidays. Her main tagline is "be kind to one another" - which I think is super sweet. The only thing I dislike is how old the episodes are when they air in the UK they're almost a week old which is kinda crappy. But you can catch the show every weekday around 1:45pm on ITV2.

2. Chelsea Show
The Chelsea Show is Chelsea Handler's new talk show. I loved the Chelsea Lately show which came on every weeknight on E! and I was gutted when it ended. But I'm glad I have something to watch for my Chelsea fix. It isn't as good as Chelsea Lately in my opinion, but I do still enjoy it. She's still as funny as ever and her guests are great too! Some familiar faces from the old show make appearances too which just makes my day! The Chelsea Show is on Netflix 3 times a week - every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

3. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
I've only recently started watching this on E! and I have to say that I have been enjoying it so far. Jimmy is funny and his impressions of Donald Trump always have be laughing. His games are also fun and his guests always seem to have a ball! This show airs on E! every Tuesday - Saturday only a day after America so who can complain!

4. The Late Late Show with James Corden
I'll be honest when I say that I am not the biggest fan of James Corden; I never have been. The only time I really enjoy him is when watching the Carpool Karaoke videos on Youtube. But I must admit I do enjoy his show at times. I may not watch the whole thing all the way through depending on the guests, but I do enjoy it for the most part. His game Spill your guts or Fill your guts always gets my attention! Its so funny and disgusting at the same time! You can find The Late Late Show on Sky's catch up!

Let me know what your favourite talk shows are!

Romana x.

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