A Glorious Haul



Hi everyone. Hope you're all well and starting to get into somewhat of a festive spirit! Where has the time gone?!

A bunch of my friends put together a pamper hamper for me a couple of weeks ago - and it was bursting full of Soap & Glory stuff. Which I LOVEEEE!

Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion - now by no means do I need to be tinted or sunkissed as I have a year round tan. Therefore I don't really have a need for this. Its a soft bronze-tinted body moisturiser - it looks great but like I said, I really don't need this. I will probably pass it onto one of my friends. 1/5

Hand Food - this has been great for my hands with the weather change. It isn't too greasy and the smell isn't overbearing either. I love it. 4/5

Heel Genius - This stuff really is genius. But it makes my cat go nuts! He loves anything that smells minty. It makes my heels super soft, and the product itself is so easy to rub in - perfect! 5/5

Peaches & Cream Deep Cleansing Milk - I was a little disappointed with this product to be honest. I have been loving my Lush cleansers and No7 cleansers for a while now. And they are great for removing any excess makeup that I have left on my face. I don't feel like this delivers in the same way as those other cleansers. It still leaves my face looking super soft and it smells absolutely amazing. So for that reason - I will give it 3/5

The Righteous Butter - I have used this before - and my God does it take me a loooong time to finish it. Its so good on my skin; whether my skin is dry or not. It smells nice and leaves my skin feeling soft. Its not the best that I have used but it is very good. 3/5

What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Romana x.

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