Maleficent Makeup



Hello loves!
I know it has been a super long time since I last put in the effort of doing a post - but I had just been super busy moving house, decorating, working etc. Life just got in the way.
But I couldn't not do a Halloween makeup look - what kind of person would that even make me?!

My favourite Disney film has always been Sleeping Beauty from a young age. So when they brought out Maleficent - I was one of the first ones there with my bff Sammy of course.

I really wanted to try and recreate Angelina Jolie's makeup look as Maleficent - minus the prosthetics used on the cheeks. Here's how it went.

I wish I had put on a black top to make it come to life more - but I totally forgot and have been feeling under the weather today so my brain just didn't click! Ugh.

Keep your eyes peeled for another Halloween makeup post!

Romana x.

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