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Hey, my loves.
Hope everyone has had a good week! This was my last week working at Nationwide Building Society as next week I start my new job at Ashurst Solicitors. I'm super excited but a little nervous for the first time in my life too. But I'm sure I will be fine!
This post is all about a well heard-of beauty trend - Strobing.

What is Strobing?
Now, I know almost everyone will have heard of "Strobing" - its the technique where we apply highlighter to certain high points of our face to make them stand out more.
Such as the top of your cheekbones, your brow bone, the tip of your nose or your cupids bow. A little bit of sheen/glow really can make your features stand out.
Here's a little demo pic that I found on google so you can see what I'm talking about.

The above is just a guide as to where you can place the highlight - You don't actually need to use as much as it shows - you know, unless you're into that, and if you are you do you boo!

Highlighting v Strobing
I also want to point out the difference between "highlighting" and "strobing".
Highlighting - is done with a lighter colour concealer to add light to your face against any area you may have contoured to define your face.
Strobing - is used to add some glow/sheen to your face where you want certain features to pop & stand out.
I never highlight - I just don't - I can't do it under my eyes as so many people do due to my super dark eye circles. I can just about camouflage the dark circles - if I had a lighter shade to highlight the area - it all goes to shit.

There are a LOT of products on the market for strobing nowadays - powders, balms, creams, sticks etc. You name it - someone has got it! And I have reviewed a couple myself. But everything I currently one is either too intense, or the powders have small chunks of glitter - all more than what I want when I just want to glow compared to when I want to Shine bright like a diamond.
So I popped into my local Superdrug during lunch one day and picked up these BEAUTIES.
Balm with the brightening powder on top

With both I can honestly say - a little goes a very long way! I don't really get the point of the brightening powder that comes with the MUA one, it tones the balm down a bit but that's the only use for it I can find for it.
I have to say I am really impressed with both of these Strobing products. They can be used on the face and body!
Application-wise I'd rather just use my fingers - as they are balms - I wouldn't want to clog up my brushes with the product.

Let me know if you guys are into the Strobing trend! And what products you like to use.

Romana x.

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