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Hey dolls!
As most of you will know, I recently visited Rome, Italy - it was beautiful! Read all about it here.
When I was out there, I did barely any shopping at all. It was more about sightseeing, relaxing and food. Plenty of food!
On our way to the Trevi Fountain, we walked past a Sephora by chance - so I had to go in! I wasn't planning on picking anything up but as I was leaving I noticed that they had the UD Vice 4 palette on sale. I initially thought that one of the pans must be broken or smashed, but when I opened it up it was perfect. I bought it for 44 Euros, which is cheaper than the UK price of £43.

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The colours are super pigmented and creamy - I love them. My favourite so far is definitely Bitter. It is the most beautiful colour ever!!

The colours are so pretty. I used Bitter in the crease, Discreet on the lid, Harlot in the inner corner, and Delete in the outer corner.
Such pretty spring colours. I'm looking forward to using the bright colours soon - especially during wedding season and on Eid - they will be perfect.

Let me know what you guys think of this palette!

Romana x.

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