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Hi lovelies,
I was gifted a 7 day pack of teeth whitening strips by Doll White. You can get 7-day or 14-day packs depending on how much help you feel you need.
I was so excited when I got them through, but unfortunately I couldn't use them!
Sooo, I convinced the hubby to try them out for me - this took a little while as he really isn't into teeth whitening products as he has sensitive teeth. But at the end of the day he just couldn't resist my charms.

Hubby said that he found the strips a little uncomfortable at first - but this was most likely because he had never used anything like it before. They didn't sting - but they did foam up which let him know that the strips were working.
As you can see there is a big difference between the two - and this from someone who never uses whitening products. Note - neither of the pictures are edited, and both were taken in natural daylight without flash.
The 14-day strips would have done him better - but I think he will continue to use these strips, as they do not irritate him at all and he doesn't really mind using them.

What are your favourite teeth whitening products to use?

Romana x.

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