Matte Setting Spray



Hey, my loves!
Hope everyone had a nice long Easter weekend - I was in Rome - blog post will be coming up when I return.
I had bought myself some makeup refills before leaving - I had nearly ran empty on so many products, so I thought I should buy new products just so I do not run completely empty while I was away!
I was sooo excited to pick up this setting spray as I can easily say that Maybelline is my most favourite drugstore brand.
However, I was quickly disappointed...

The first time I used this was on my Birthday - I had just done my full face and had decided to lock it in with the new beauty. WORST IDEA EVER.
It left wet spritz all over my face - which I thought would dry up as they do with other setting sprays. Nope. Instead they dried hard. Super hard. I could've cried - I didn't have time to reapply. So I took my damp beauty blender and blended till my arm was about to fall out - It worked; but I lost most of my makeup by doing so. Still didn't get it out of my hair though - yeah really.
So I took it to Rome, nevertheless - thinking I hadn't shaken it as well as I was meant to.
So before spritzing I shook the hell out of it - the metal ball was clinking about like mad - perfect! Nope. Nope it was not. Again - wet patches which turned hard. Luckily I didn't use as much as I was cautious and just wanted to see if it would work.
Ugh I'm SO disappointed - someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong! I really want to be able to use this - to like it even! I must be doing something wrong? Is it coz my skin is darker than the norm and therefore more visible on my skin? If so that really flipping sucks.
Help a sista out!

Romana x.

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