Coconut Lane



Hey girlies!
Hope you are all well! I have recently been introduced to Coconut Lane - and I am truly obsessed with their stuff. It's so unique and cute! Very tumblr/instagrammy - check out their website and their shop and you will understand why I am saying that ha.
I was lucky enough to become one of the brand's Coconut Queen! Yay!
This allows me to keep up to date with all of their new products, as well as being able to provide my gorgeous readers with a 20% discount!
Here is some of their stuff that I am obsessed with!

I have been using the shades whilst in Italy - I love them! They look fab and aren't too flimsy; so I know they aren't going to break if I stuff them in my bag.
How cute is the ring though - they also have it in a Bangle design which I NEED.
Their greeting cards are probably my favourite things ever! They are so sassy and fun! I am going to buy a whole bunch so I can hand them out to friends and family for their birthdays over the rest of the year hehe.
You guys NEED to check their stuff out! And if you decide to buy anything - don't forget to get your 20% discount off of their amazing product by using my code - romana20

Romana x.

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