Mothers Day



Hey everyone,
Okay well, my gift wasn't totally homemade but it kinda sorta was.
I bought the roses, the gift box & the perfume - but it was more to do with how put together.

iPhone picture
I had polystyrene sitting about from my Laptop box - I cut it up to fit into the gift box, I then cut up the roses to make sure the lid could close with them in there.
I didn't quite know how to place the perfume, but as it came in a gift box itself, I just cut around the card that held the perfume and placed it in the middle.
I had some gems that I use for blog picture decoration, and glued them into the middle of the flowers. It took a while and there was a lot of scissor work involved - but I loved the outcome so much I just wanted to keep it for myself ha.
But I think this is a great idea for any gifts - it just makes it look so much luxurious than just giving a perfume gift set (although there is nothing wrong with that). Its also more thoughtful as you put so much effort in yourself.

Let me know what you did for your loved one on Mother's day, and if you have any creative gift ideas. I would love to hear them.

Romana x.

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