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Hey ladies! 
For the first time ever, I'm going to be guest blogging! I'm going to be writing a post on A Hand Full Of Sparkle's blog - and I'm so excited. 
Siobhan (blog owner) tweeted out that she was looking for bloggers to guest post on her blog - I've always been a little bit aprehensive - I don't know why but I thought why the heck not?!
So in the next week I will be featuring on her blog along with another blogger - definitely something to watch out for. 
I have listed the lovely Siobhan's blog linke, a little bio about her and her social media links below - go have a looksee. 

Twitter: @sparkledust13
Instagram: @siobhanmarie13
Bloglovin: sparkledust13
Pinterest: handfulofsprkle

Tumblr: ahandfulofsparkle

Hi my name is Siobhan! My blog is mostly beauty and lifestyle posts that combines my love for make-up, with my love for candles, my love for chatting to friends, and throws in a handful of sparkle for good measure! That is how I see everyone who reads my posts. Like friends. I love sharing my reviews and recommendations of products/music and occasionally the fun ‘tag’ post too! I love lists, colour coding, and anything that makes life seem more whimsical that it already is. So feel free to stop by my little corner of the internet soon, leave me a comment and let me know how you keep your life full of whimsy & sparkle!

And with that said - I hope to see you all there!

Romana x. 

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