Falsies Push Up Drama



Hi, my loves. 
My past posts have made my love of mascara slightly more than obvious - I cannot live without it.
As soon as I saw that Maybelline was coming out with a new mascara, I was desparate to get it. I had to wait a little bit as the UK is always a little behind for products. But my God was it worth the wait. 

You can clearly see how well it works. And it lasts all day long. Its really easy to remove which I love - warm water and soap all the way!
The mascara, like all newly opened mascaras, is super wet to begin with which may clump up your lashes. But if you wipe off the excess, and after a few uses its the most perfect mascara in life. I cannot live without this mascara. I feel like I need to stock up in this mascara just in case the worst ever happens and its discontinued. 
But anyway - has anyone else tried this? Warning - I'm totally in love with it and won't hear a bad word against it. 

Romana x.

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  1. I've never tried this mascara! I also really want to try the Lash Sensational ! Everyone love it :) xx


    1. Lash Sensational is amazing! I have a post on that too - but this one is definitely my favourite out of the two x.x.x.