Ultra Contour Palette



Hi ladies,
I bought this palette a few months ago now from my local Superdrug (apologies for the delay) and i have to say; i love it.
It is great quality for money, and its pretty well pigmented too. I first felt that it didnt last long on my face, and that it disappeared throughout the day, but after changing my primer i can confirm that it now lasts throughout the day! Yipee.

I bought this brush from Ebay and i love it. Its fluffy but still a great shape. I can easily chisel my cheekbones with one swift streak - i dont know how I got through life without it! 
The colours may not look really pigmented on the swatches but theyrrly are - my arm is darker than my face and remember every skin tone is different.
The two shimmers at on the right of the palette are great! Veryyyy shimmery bit great for a nice highlight on your cheekbones. The top two colours from the left side are nice brightening powders which i use under my coontour snd down the bridge of my nose. And the contour colours themself are really nice - they dont leave you looking muddy at all. I only wish there was one colour at least that had a little orangey tinge in it. I would just look better on my skin tone - but that really is my only complaint. 
The mirror is also a great size and its nice and thin to carry around and to travel with. 
They have a cream version of this - i need to check it out! 

Romana x. 

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