New Bangs



Hi ladies. As promised I have been uploading 3 times a week, but personally I think it is a bit much. Posts are more likely to get lost. So I'm going to post two times a week from now on.
It has been a while since I posted anything to do with hair - I'm not sure why, I change my hair colour all the time - and always do it myself, I could easily explain it each time.
Anyway, I had been inspired by beauty and fashion blogger Sammi Maria (AKA Beautycrush) to have some bangs cut in. I haven't had this type of hair style since I was a lot younger - say about 10 years. But I felt the urge to go for it as I completely loved hers. I had bought some professional hair cutting scissors from Boots a little while ago and they are great - so I decided to take the plunge myself. I mean if I do it myself and I hate it then its my own fault. Logic right?

So the scissor pack includes straight scissors and thinning scissors. I only used the straight scissors for this. The teasing comb is great for sectioning hair. 
So, first i sectioned my hair into a traingle. Combed it through, the ran my index and middle finger down the hair to the tip of my nose. I then twisted the hair around - 180 degrees and held it again with my middle and index fingers. My first cut was at the tip of my nose, then the bridge if my nose, then higher. 
By twisting the hair it made the sides longer and the middle shorter - gradient.
And this is how it looks now! 

I love it and have been loving it. I've kept it for a few weeks now, but I think I am going to let it grow out now. Its just not me. I've had my fun with it. And I'm defintiely glad I did it myself - what's the big deal anyway? It's just hair - it grows back! 

Romana x. 

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