Electric Gardens



Hi everyone!
Hope all is well. I'm currently writing this sitting in a hospital waiting area - i think i've broken my finger.. 
Anyway, last werkend, despite the weather me and the hubby bundled up and went over to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens in the westend to check out its winter attraction as part of the Westend Festival
They dressed the Botanic Gardens up in lights and sound and even a fire show. Its really a nice evening out and it feels really festive. Tickets range from £8-£10, which isn't bad at all. The event is on until the 6th of January, and it doesnt run on Mondays or Tuesdays. Obviously the weather in Glasgow the past couple of weeks has been horrendous but the Westend Festival's twitter page is great for updates and to answer your queries. 
Anyway, here are some if the pictures i had taken on my evening out. They were taken on my phone so not the best quality - I was too scared my camera would get damaged from the rain so i didnt want to take it with me.

Let me know if you have been! 

Romana x. 

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