Disney Halloween Makeup



It is almost the end of October and Halloween us almost upon us! Eek!
I for one love it! And i love everything that comes with it too - like the annual Drive-In movie that me and my hubby go to see! This year we are seeing Chainsaw Masacre 2! 
I am aware that I had taken a little break from blogging - life was just getting too hectic and I needed some rest away from a computer screen even though I work infront of 2 computer screens every day.
anyway - I'm back with a halloween makeup post. The makeup is very intense - but hey, it is for halloween!

Ariel - Little Mermaid

Elsa - Frozen

Like I said - the looks are a little extreme - but if you can't be extreme at Halloween when can you be?! 
I still have another look to do and post up to so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Romana x. 

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