Mascara Chronicles #3



Hello, again my friends. Another drug store mascara that I'm loving. However, this one sneakily looks like another mascara I'm sure we have all seen before *Cough IP issues cough*


So are the results as good as the other well-known one?
Well, actually for £3.99 they're not too bad at all! It stays on great all day long, and its deffo difficult to take off which is the exact thing I dislike about the Real one.. Life, huh?
But at the same time, at least I didn't spend high end prices on the real mascara which takes a mountain of soap and a pile of makeup wipes to get off, right?
I think this mascara is definitely worth it if you're on a budget. With that said, when did mascara's get sooo expensive?! I can't even deal with it! Even drugstore, a couple of more £ and they'll be the same price as some high end ones. Its a joke! Rant over.

Romana x.

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