Ramadan Diaries #2



Its been a little while since i updated you all on how Ramadan has been going for me.. And that is mainly because it hadn't been going well.
Last week at work i took another bad turn. My eyes started rolling into the back of my head and i was blacking out due to being low in sugar and energy levels. So i had to take a break - for the full week. I really wasnt happy about that but health does come first. 
I'm happy to say i've been going strong since Saturday. I've been doing soo well, and have remained really active too! 
I'm excited to finish strong. I am a bit annoyed with myself for not reading the Quran nearly as much as i should have. But i get home from work so tired. Hence the sparse blog posts. Excuses eh?
Lunch time at work have been the most boring. I either sit in George Square and read a book or wander the shops. Today i'm in Starbucks writing this and reading a book. I don't mind it really. It was just easier when i had 9-5pm shifts as i would get to see my best friend which would make the time fly past. But hey, reading all the books i have piled up isnt a bad thing really. I still have The Fault In Our Stars & Grey to start. I wish i just bought EBooks for the iPad, it would make life easier. Next time! 
I woke up last night with a cramp in my right leg. Which verrryyy soon was followed by one in my left leg. I know that leg cramps are common. But they can also be linked to diabetes which worries me slightly. Is my body low in sugar right now? Is that whats happening? Who knows. I have gotten them before in the past. Occasionally. But who knows. 
I've been lucky and blessed enough to go to a few dinner parties in this blessed month. But still haven't hosted my own! I did last year, i need to get myself sorted. Its such a great thing to feed someone who is fasting. And i do love cooking - and i am pretty decent at it.
Might be a task for this weekend or next week. Hmmm. 
I've been trying different recipes too for dinner and been loving them. Will need to blog them soon! 

I'm hoping to post a series of posts called the Mascara Chronicles very, very soon so be on the lookout for that! 
Much love. 

Romana x. 

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