My Body, Your Body...



I'm sitting at the same Starbucks, in the same seat, but this time writing something a little different. I want to put my 2 cents into a really hot topic at the moment - Body Shaming. 
What is body shaming? Is it just simply one person making public comments about another's shape? Hurtful comments? Either way. Its wrong. 
Since the dawn of day man has been obsessed with women's bodies. But so have women. Probably even more so than most men will ever begin to understand. So why? Why are bodies such fascination? 
Back in Victorian times it was the tiny waists that everyone HAD to have. Corsets so tight they could barely breathe! But it was the belief back then that thats what women had to look like to look attractive and appealing. 

Moving on you have the classic pin-up girl look. A little more rounded with all the right curves in all the right places. 

What was wrong with either of these women?! Nothing! Except the fact society was dictating how they should look. 

About 10 years ago, it was the age for the stick thin. The Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie age. Where every celeb and non celeb girl had to be stick thin - me including. 

And now. Where do we stand now?
Now we just have to be perfect. Like the girls on insta and tumblr, you know the type. Small waists big round bum, and boobs. 

It never ends!!

And what makes it worse? Us! The way we treat each other! 
Yea you have an opinion. Yes you're entitled to it. But must you ram it down peoples throats?! Is there an actual need for this? Be honest! No. No theres not. You're being rude and hurtful. Probably knowingly as well. Thats wrong

I'm not gonna lie. I always feel pressure to look a certain way. I always have. But only from myself. I put that pressure on. I've ripped muscles trying to look the way i want by working out like crazy. I've fainted, given myself infections. All sorts of silly stuff and i'm not someone whois obsessed with my weight or body shape.Imagine  what others must go through. What you make them go through with your comments. 
Its very easy to get wrapped up in your body image. I've recently shed some pounds witout trying to. And it shows. Everyone around me has commented. This has now put pressure on me to maintain it or lose even more weight. How crazy?! How insane is it that myself, aomeone who considers themselves very strong minded and kind of a hard-ass can easily freak at let my brain go crazy because of some nice comments about my current body shape. 

The fact is... Everyone will comment. They shouldn't but they will. But we need to remain strong. And be happy within ourselves. But that's not to say that if you want to go for a run you shouldn't. Or if you want to trade your burger for a salad you shouldn't. Just make sure its what YOU want. In that moment. For that day. Or for your life. 
Nothing is more important than your health. Your physical health AND your mental health. There is nothing more important than that. 
We are all beautiful in our own way. We don't have to look like the Kardashians to prove it. Not if WE don't want to. 
Always remain happy and healthy. 
And for all you tude people who have something to say about a girls body. THINK FIRST! 
Would you like it if it was said to you. Or your best friend. Or your sister?! 

Lets stop being obsessed with bodies! Our own and others. And lets STOP body shaming. 
We're all perfect. You cannot tell me otherwise. 

Romana x. 

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