Mascara Chronicles #2



Hey beautiful ladies.
I've got another mascara that I'm in love with. Well, "obsessed" is probably a better word!
Rimmel's Lash Accelerator!

 Lash accelerator really does make your lashes look longer, and makes your eyes look super awake and bright. it catches all of my bottom lashes as well, and makes them seem as long as my top lashes!
It's definitely a plus when you're short on time.
It's not your mascara for volume, but really is great for length - one of the best I've tried actually.
I bought this from Watts Bros for £3.99! Which I thiught was a bargain. I couldn't actually see it in Superdrug the other day, I don't know if they have maybe changed the packaging? Let me know if you guys know!

Romana x.

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