Mascara Chronicles #1



Hellooooo! *a big wave to all*
It's been a while right? I apologise. I want to get better. Better at everything tbh, including taking pictures, and my set-out.
Anyway, I think I have tried and tested a lot of mascaras out there. I love them. They're all so great, and they can all give you a different look, and you can use them together too!
Lately I've been testing new masacars, and I love all of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm still fond of mixing my two together (here), but when I'm rushing to work in the morning one coat of one mascara is all I can be bothered with. 


I love this mascara! It is my FAVE.
I can layer this mascara and it looks so amazing that it leaves absolutely no need for false lashes! But at the same time, one quick swoop is all I need to give my eyelashes some life.
It holds great through out the day too. Ready for the kicker?!
Soap and water is all you need to wash it off!!

I absolutely love mascaras that can hold great without caking your lashes with gunk that you cannot get off!
I picked my Lash Sensational up from Superdrug for £7.99, but its on sale at the moment! So go get it girl!

Romana x.

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  1. This post has made me so happy! I've just bought this I'm so glad you have said its good!

    1. Aw I'm glad! You will love the mascara, trust me! I'm in love with it <3