Brown eyes #2



Hey everyone! 
I feel like a proper blogger today as i write this whilst sitting in Starbucks! 

Anyway, a couple of years ago i converted to brown eyeliner for an everyday look rather than black. Black was just becoming too harsh for me. Especially as i do not like to not wear eyeliner. I feel dead without it. Zombie-fied. So i first bought Collections Gel Eyeliner in Brown which they have since appeared to have discontinued - cries. You can see my blog post on that here. 
Upon running out of it i moved onto the next drugstore brown gel liner i could find. Good old Maybelline! 

The consistency of this liner is great. Its so creamy and doesnt clog up the brush either. Its great in that sense. The colour pay off is good too. But... I dont really like the colour. If you compare the colour of the Collection eyeliner to this Maybelline one you will see why. This is more metallic. I didnt want metallic. I wanted brown. Just plain old brown. But still it is a great liner. I just dont imagine i'd repurchase it. If i ever even run out of it that is. Please Collection. Bring me back your brown gel liner! Please? Sobs. 

Romana x. 

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