Ramadan Diaries



Hello everyone. And a late Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating. 
Those who aren't probably do not understand quite why we do it. Well in simple terms - this is a really blessed month for us Muslims. Where good deeds are heavily multiplied and we become closer to God. And where we fast (abstaine from eating and drinking amongst other things) from dawn till dusk for a whole month.
Many, even those who wouldn't call themselves everyday practicing muslims really look forward to this month. Sometimes its hard to dedicate every single day to 5 prayers a day and reading the Quran. But in this month. They feel they can. They feel stronger and more willing. Myself included. 

Anyway. How have i found it this first week? 
Well. Scotland being Scotland. Our hours of fasting are pretty long. Twenty hours or so long. 
You always think that you won't be able to do it. But its incredible the amount of power and strength you get. Thats given to you by God. Hunger is never usually a problem for me. Thirst however, is a completely different story. I usually drink over 2 litres of water a day. So fasting for 20 hours - i obviously don't get the same intake. But you get by. 
In the last couple of hours i do get hangry! And try to keep myself busy by doing something! Anything! But clock watching is always happening haha. 

What do you guys eat at sehri (before sunrise) i never know what to eat! As its technically our breakfast, should i be eating a bagel? I dont know! I dont enjoy breakfast time as it is! 
Whatever you guys eat. Just make sure you do eat!! I made the error of only have water and fluids two sehri's in a row. I ended up getting unwell at work with really low blood sugar levels. My own stupid mistake. I had to break my fast which sucked!! But feeling well and better is always the main thing. Inshallah (God willing) i shall be fasting again tomorrow!! So i'm excited to get back into it after a two day rest. 

If anyone else is fasting please let me know how you're getting on! I'd love to know!! 

Romana x.

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  1. Love this post for last year hope your having a good Ramadhan this year