Oil It Up



Hey my loves! Would you believe its been almost a year since I have posted about hair! Definitely weird as I am always trying something new with my hair (whether it is colour or product).
As I have been dying my hair for the past 4 years straight - reddish, to light brown, to almost blonde, to brown again, to dark. It definitely needs some TLC from time to time. And for me - this is what works best.

A lot of you may be looking at the brand and thinking - Ew, cooking oil.
But fear not, it is 100% pure and therefore can be used on hair and body also. I picked this up in my local supermarket but it is widely available online too - check it out here. KTC also do a Virgin coconut oil also which you can find here.
To use this for your hair, I scoop some out with a spoon into a bowl. The amount you need really depends on your hair length and thickness. Pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds to melt down - if it still hasn't melted put it back in for a longer period of time.
Once it has melted just smother it all over your hair. Be careful as the oil may be really hot! If so, wait for it to cool down a little first. Once you have smothered your hair with the oil, tie it up and leave it on for as long as you like. I leave it on for an hour or so, some like to leave it on overnight. Then wash your hair like normal and be prepared for super smooth and soft hair!
You can also use this on your hair extensions, it makes them seem brand new all over again!
I would use this oil maybe once a month or every 6 weeks. It seems to last on my hair for a long time, making it look and feel great!
Let me know which hair oil you prefer? I think I like Coconut oil over Argan oil now!

Romana x.

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