Dark Angels



Hey ladies! How gorgeous has UK weather been this week?! I am loving it!
Now from my previous posts you can probably guess that Lush Cosmetics is my favourite skin care brand. They have something for everyone. And best of all - they offer samples of a lot of their products so that you can try before you buy!
Dark Angels is my new favourite. I cannot see the rest of my days without it. It wouldn't be possible.


Dark Angels is £6.75 for your 100g pot, and is meant to be a stronger version of Angels on Bare Skin (which personally did nothing for me when I tried it).
Dark Angels however, leaves my skin glowing, feeling super soft, and looking super clean. I don't necessarily use it to take makeup off as you would with a traditional cleanser, but I have done once whilst in London (without my makeup wipes) and it worked great!
Its a dry texture in the pot - so you pick some up, place it in your hand, mix with a bit of water and turn it into paste. I tend to just soak my face then pick up the dry product and apply it directly to my face. Works for me. 
My friend turns it into a paste-y mask and keeps it on her face for 20 mins and loves the effect! You really can use it any way you like! Its great for properly cleaning your skin out. Try it!

Romana x.

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