Matte Perfect Shine Control



Another MUA product for you lovely ladies! I need a loose powder to set my face (and mainly my under eyes) on the cheap. So where do I go? The Makeup Academy counter at Superdrug of course! I love checking them out first as they can still provide good quality makeup even at bargain prices.


The MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder is a nice little staple. And for £2.50 you get quite a big pot. I was impressed. It definitely sets my face well and ever so slightly evens out skin tone when I'm wearing without foundation etc.
However, the reason I bought this was because I wanted something other than my Ben Nye Banana Powder to set my undereyes with. As it had been looking very orange when I use it without using foundation on the rest of my face. This MUA powder isn't so great for my undereyes. It sets the concealer, but doesn't help it in any way. The Banana Powder helps conceal my super dark undereye circles along with the Concealer.
I also feel you definitely need to top up your powder during the day. But then again, it never did claim to be super long lasting.
I really do like this product, it'll take me a while to get through it but I'll definitely carry on using it on a daily basis.

What's your favourite powder to set your undereyes with?
Thank you for reading!

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