MUA Fixing Mist



Hello lovely ladies.
Now I don't know a great deal about makeup setting sprays, this being the second one I've ever personally used, but I do have to admit, so far I've had great taste!
This is another little gem from Makeup Academy which you can swoop up for a steal at Superdrug or MUA's own website.

So first thoughts;  
The price - I picked this up on sale for only £3. Its usually £5 which I think is pretty reasonable due to its size.
The texture - It does feel quite moisturising on the skin, and you can't even feel it once its set. However, it is so damn wet!! Hoesntly, it's as if you've gone to wash your face. It is definitely 100% NOT a micro-fine mist. Definitely not! However, I can just about get over that as it does set pretty fast and doesn't melt any of your makeup off in the mean time.
Lasting power - Now I don't think it lasts for 8 hours exactly, but it does go pretty damn close.

And for these reasons, I'm in love! Its such a great buy. Another MUA tick from me!

What's your favourite setting spray? Let me know in the comments below!
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