Monday Manicure



Hey ladies, hope you had a good weekend. Its back to the Grind!
That's why I enjoy painting my nails on Sundays, to relax me into Mondays. Plus I love freshly painted nails. They make me happy!

I wanted to go out and get some bold colours which I didn't already have. I've never bought anything from Miss Sporty before but I loved their nail polish range. Plus a 2 for £3 offer didn't hurt! 

320 Pop Fiction
Clubbing Colours - Merry Go Round
I have to admit, these nail polishes have definitely impressed me!

The blue one is my favourite just because of how opaque it is - just two coats!
Both have great staying power - a good 5/6 days before chipping. And I'm someone who does a lot of dishes and always has my hands in water!

What's your favourite nail polish brand and colour at the moment? Let me know so I can try!
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  1. Lovely colors!! Used a similar blue one too when I was young :))


  2. That blue is very eye catching :) I'm thinking more nudes at the moment, but my nail polish picks change from week to week ;) xx Maja

    1. I bought a stunning nude from Makeup Revolution as well last week. I'll upload it soon! It'll probably be on my instagram first though x.x.x.