Happy new year my loves! Hope you had fun over the holidays, and that you're motivated to take on the new year! I know I am.
One thing I'm going to do more of this year (or at least try to) is wash my brushes more often!
It's such a tedious task but we all know it has to be done in order to keep our brushes in good condition and to rid them of any bacteria and built up product. 
I really don't like the dry feelings my hands get after all the brush washing, but still refused to fork out for the wash mits. BUT WAIT! There is another way! And that is the Brushegg which you can order from eBay from as little as £1 here!! 

It fits snugly into a couple of fingers and is really sturdy so great for washing your brushes. 

Use the bigger ridges for your face brushes. And the smaller ones for eyes etc.
I feel like this makes the whole process easier for me as I really don't like scrubbing the brushes off of my hands. I just dislike the feeling so much! And for £1 I've definitely bagged a bargain! 

Have you used the Brushegg? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. "wash my brushes more often" --- aye i am with you on this romana. putting it in on my beauty blogger's new years resolution list. it does make it easier and faster to clean the brushes, i also have one in pnk <3

    1. Your pink one is so cute! I know right. What did we ever do without them?! x.x.x.

  2. Hmmm... Another product to go on the wishlist! 💖