Brows on Fleek (Part 2)



Hey ladies, following on from my previous post I'm going to show you how to lighten your eyebrows to match with your hair colour, or at least get it closer to the shade.
Now there is a rule of thumb, but no one says you have to follow it.
Up to two shades darker if you have light hair, and up to two shades lighter if you have dark hair.
I had been lightening my hair for a long time before I decided to make a move on my brows. No real reason to be honest. Just never really noticed, until one picture last year. They were just so dark and obvious. I don't trim my brow hairs, and the strands themselves are pretty thick, so lightening them thins them out a bit as well as making them lighter.
ALWAYS do a patch test before lightening your brows, and be careful on how you apply them, making sure the product does not come into contact with your eyes.
I used normal hair lightening cream that I bought from Boots the chemist, and this is how it went.

Always use the timer on your phone, and keep checking to see if you have achieved the lightness you want. If not re-apply!
The colour does fade so you may have to top up every 6 weeks or so.

Thank you for reading <3


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