So Wicked



This is by far the most perfect Fall/Autumn colour for me! I'm in love. I've been wanting it since it came out earlier this year but held back, until I just couldn't any longer!
I remeber scouring all of London to find somewhere that stocked Lime Crime back in January! Thought I'd get lucky as I knew nowhere did it Glasgow. My search failed miserably. But I did find two websites! Cocktail Cosmetics and Love Makeup. Both of which I have ordered Limecrime makeup from.

From previous posts it's obvious that I love matte lip glosses, or "liquid lipsticks" I just can't get enough. And dark colours are everything to me. So this was a must!

Wasn't ready here


Close Up
The main difference that I noticed with this is that it is a lot more liquid than any other matte lip gloss I've ever used. So I found it slightly more difficult to apply. And I couldn't help but get it on my teeth.
Other than that it is perfect! Using a lip brush will always help with precision. And practice makes perfect of course.
It is matte so remember to moisturise your lips before hand if they are chapped otherwise this, like other matte lip products, will accentuate the dryness.
Overall I really rate this product. To me it's perfect! I can't wait to wear it more and more!

Thank you so much for reading! <3


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