Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara



As promised, another product review. And boy do I have a lot more coming up. As if I even need any of this stuff! But does anybody ever really need it though?
Anyway! I was techincally running low on mascara, I only had two left! Outrageous!
So I wanted to try something new, and just a that moment I saw an ad on TV for the new Rimmel Wonder'full mascara which contains Argan Oil. Of which I'm a big fan, see my Argan Oil post here. At the very beginning I did notice that the Rimmel Wonder'full looked very similar to LO'Real's Million Volume Lashes mascara, but a few pounds cheaper. So I thought I'd give it a whirl...

Overall, I have to say I love this mascara. Its so good for its price. At the start it is very wet, but I guess all new mascaras are. It lasts throughout the day and you can layer it without it looking clumpy or like spider legs.
My above picture is of it with one coat and without curling my lashes.
As I said before it is pretty similar to the LO'Real mascara, but the brush is bigger, and it is cheaper in price. I will have to compare the two of them on though, so I can let you know which one is better! But I do love them both at the moment.
So if you're looking for a new mascara, try out the Rimmel Wonder'full, its only £7.99 at most drug stores in the UK. However, Savers has a sale on; all Rimmel items are under £5. Including this!

Let me know what you think of the new Wonder'Full mascara if you've tried it.
And thank you for reading! <3 x.


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