Foxy Locks Extensions



Hello ladies!
A growing trend that I've noticed in the past 10 years have been hair extensions.
Now I, for one, have always been blessed with really thick hair and so I've never ever really needed hair extensions. However, for my wedding the hair style I was going for needed a lot of length. I searched around to see what i could find for a decent price, and I came across Foxy Lock Extensions.
I'd heard of the brand before due to the founder's youtube channel here
On the website there are a range of colours, three different weights, and all in the length of 20 inches. I for some reason, thought this length was perfect, I was wrong. I had already taken them out of the packaging before I realised this (Foxy Locks do not take retuns if they've been taken out the gold ties). However, when my makeup artist/hair stylist told me I'd need volume more than length, I realised I had a use for them again!

I chose the colour Chestnut Brown. Have a friend help you if you're unsure! Weight; 165g
They come with two 4clips, two 3clips, two 2clips, and two 1clips.

Without Extensions

With extensions
As you can see, the extensions blended in so nicely with my natural hair which was such a bonus! The were super soft, and honestly touching them, you could hardly tell that they were extensions! I've worn them twice, for my birthday and then the next week for my wedding; both times curled. They are beautiful. I've since straightened them out for this post, but have not yet washed them.
The only down side of these extensions is whenever I brush through them, however lightly, I'm guaranteed to shed some strands. But other than that I'm super happy with them and can't wait to rock them again!


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  1. Nice!

  2. They look so gorgeous and natural... You'd never have know that they were extensions xx

    1. I know right! I totally agree. They're so super soft as well. They just completely blend in with my real hair x.

  3. I love foxy locks! they are the only extensions I wear! so soft and they last forever xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    1. They're honestly so good! The softest I've ever felt! x.