Summertime Favourites



Hello ladies! I swear I'm getting worse at this, and I don't even know why. I've been wanting to post this for about a week now but just haven't gotten round to it! Terrible I know.
Every season my likes and favourite things change a little, pretty standard with everyone I think. But here's what I've been loving this summer so far!

Favourite Lip Colour

Mac Lady Danger

Favourite Nail Colour
Maybelline Colorshow - Green Pow

Favourite Outfit

Favourite Heels

Favourite Meal
Cajun Chicken Salad with Sauteed Mushrooms

Favourite Drink
Strawberry & Banana Smoothie. Recipe on BenjiManTV
So thats it really! Other than my favourite colours right now which are Mint and Lime Green!
What are you guys loving right now? I'd love to know.
Thank you so much for reading! <3


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