Monday Manicure



Its been a while since I've done one of these, and I had a nice idea that I wanted to try on my nails, so I decided to do a quick and very easy pictorial on it!
You don't need much, and can change the colours and gems to your liking.

So this is what I used, again you can change the colours and gems to your choice. And you don't need a dotting tool, you can use a tooth pick or a bobby pin!

I painted all my nails as usual, but only painted the ring finger white!

I then lay down some paper, added a few drops of the purple on to that and used the smaller side of my dotting tool to make polka dots on the white nail.

I then picked up on of the bows and added a little dot of glue. Waited a few seconds so that it wasn't too wet and applied it to that white polka dotted nail! Adjusted it to the position I wanted it in, held it down for 5 seconds and voila! Really simple & and cute looking!
All thats left now is to clean up the sides of my nails and they'll be perfect!

I love nail art, but I just don't have the steady hands to try to recreate gorgeous designs that I see on instagram or youtube! Tag me on facebook so I can see your nail designs!
Thank you for reading! <3


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