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Hello everyone!
So I'll get right down to it, I love love love bright and bold lip colours, I live for them! But my first loves have always been nudes, and toned down shades. They just go with everything and can be worn during the day or on a night out; they just work.
A lot of nude shades look very identical when swatched, but when applied on the lips, they look completely different. Why? I have no idea. Maybe its something to do with our natural lip colour? I'm unsure. But here are my most favourite nudes which I always need in my life.

Kiko Cosmetics // Maybelline // Rimmel // Revlon
The newest here are the lipstick from Kiko & Maybelline. I came across the Kiko cosmetics store in Westfield London earlier this year, and thought I'd try some stuff out. It has to be my complete favourite I think! And I bought the Maybelline one in hope that they would have the Buff collection here in the UK. They didn't, but its still a pretty nice nude!
Rimmel Nottinghill Nude was a Limited Edition colour, but I managed to find it online a couple of times when it ran out. Had the Kiko lipstick not found its way in my lipstick collection my favourite would be the Rimmel lipstick. It has such a nice pinky tone to it, and its so so soft on my lips! Like butter, yet still so opaque!
I can't believe how dark the Revlon lipstick looks in the tube, because when I put it on my lips, its no where near as dark! Its also not as opaque as the other lipsticks. It also has a subtle shimmer which none of the others do either.

Like I said before, swatched, they all look very similar. But I promise you ladies, they are not!
As I said my favourite is from Kiko. Its so creamy and opaque, and conditions my lips so well also. The smell is so yummy too!

What's YOUR favourite lipstick colour? Let me know in the comment box below.
And thank you for reading! x.


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  1. Bold colors are gorgeous, but nudes are what I wear the most. I love how yours are all glossy finishes. How do you feel about Rimmel lipsticks? I always look at them but never got any. Are they any good? XD

    1. Rimmel lipsticks are great! I love the ones from the Kate Moss line. They're gorgeous! You can't really go wrong with them, they're really affordable too! Lemme know if you try any out! x.

  2. Great post, I really need to get a nude lipstick. All I seem to have is bright ones at the moment!

    1. Bright lipsticks are just perfect though! You can go bare faced but still look put together with a bright lip!