Smashbox; Vivid Violet



Hi ladies! So the Easter break is upon us and as soon as I've finished this essay I'll be the happiest girl alive haha!
Sorry I've been away for a while now, had so much amazing stuff going on. I tried to post a look for St Patrick's day but it wouldn't upload from the Blogger app on my phone, and then when I tried to find it on the website it wasn't there either. Has that happened to anyone before? No? Just me then haha!

I've never bought anything from Smashbox before, but I've got a feeling I will definitely buy more after my recent buy!
I am loving purple lips right now and have been since Fall! Just can't stop loving them! I'll probably still rock them in the Summer if I'm honest!
This lipstick retails in Boots for £15, so a little on the high end side, but it really is worth it!

Now at 1st this lipstick was a little hard to apply, which is a bit dangerous with such a dark colour! But after a couple of uses I feel it was a lot easier and softer to apply.
It does last on your lips for ages, so towards the end of the night it does start drying your lips out. But by applying some vaseline or lip balm before applying the lipstick, I've found, has prevented this!

So is it worth £15, keeping in mind Mac lipsticks retail at £14? Yes! Yes it is! Simply for the finish and colour. The colour does remind me of Rebel by Mac however, but not quite there yet. There was a nude shade that I saw that I'll probably get too! Going lipstick mad over here!

What do you guys think of Smashbox lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.
And thank you for reading! <3


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