Liebster Award #3



Hello ladies! Aren't I lucky to have another Liebster Award Nom from a fellow blogger. This time from Anna!

I'm just going to get cracking with her questions, then list my own and the bloggers that I wish to nominate next!

  1. At what age have you started wearing makeup? - I don't fully remember. Maybe 12? But not full face makeup!
  2. In which colour you own the most clothes? - Black
  3. How often do you buy new makeup products? - Too often
  4. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of you life, which one would it be? - Blue Streak
  5. Is there a story behind your blog's name? - Superwomanchick is actually a term used in a Lady Gaga song from 2008. In my eyes, its basically a female that can do anything and everything. She's not confined to one thing. The chick part I suppose if to do with age. I was about 17/18 when I started adding Superwomanchick to all my accounts, as URL's or usernames
  6. Favourite lipstick colour? - Anything Nude.
  7. How do you style your hair on a every day basics? - I blow dry it straight so that it has some volume and bounce. Finish it with some argan oil. And that's it!
  8. Perfect breakfast? - Full English for sure! Gotta make it Halal though!
  9. 2013 in one sentence - Rollercoaster; highs and lows, laughs and screams.
  10. Skirts or pants? - Its too cold in Scotland for skirts all the time, so pants!
  11. Who is your fav beauty guru? (blog and vlog one :) - Youtube beauty guru has to be Nicole Guerriero. Blogger.. Hmmm.. I have a few! Shayne, Misu, Sonya! To honestly name a few. 

They were some really amazing questions Anna!
Now for mine. Hmmm..
  1. What are the goals you which to reach before NYE 2014?
  2. What are your blogging goals? (ie. Is it just for fun? Do you wish to achieve something more?)
  3. If you were getting for a night out, how would your makeup look?
  4. What is the one product you just cannot live without? (Hair, Makeup or Skin Care)
  5. Favourite Makeup brand?

And the bloggers which I am nominating are..
Check out the blogs above. And thank you so much for reading <3


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  1. hi congrats! lovely

  2. Hiii...
    congo congoo... lucky you.... i am your new follower following you via GFC, care too add back.

    Maisha Sharma

  3. It was so interesting learning more about you hun, I also tend to wear mostly black. I still need to find the perfect nude lipstick and definitely always use argan oil too. Its always great hearing from you hun :)

    1. Thank you hun!
      I nominated you in the post just before this. Would love to hear your answers on the q's i set :) x.