Liebster Award #2



Hey ladies. Okay actually, I think this is technically my 3rd liebster award as Gemma had sent me one while I was on holiday in the summer and just never got round to doing it and only just remembered! Regardless. Let's crack on!

For those of who don't know about this, its just an award of recognition. It gets your blog out there and allows readers and other bloggers to get to know you better. The blogger nominating you sets you questions which you answer and then you set new ones for others and let them know that they've been nominated!

So I was nominated by the lovely Emily from Tea 'n' Donuts. I suggest you check out her fab blog!

Now on to her questions

1. Do you collect anything? If yes, what do you collect?
I used to collect £5 notes just coz they were becoming very rare. Then I cracked my tin open one day and spent it all haha!
2. One of your favourite memories from 2013
Boxing day 2013; the day I got engaged
3. If you could be anybody famous for one day, who would you be?
Oooh this is tricky. Maybe Khloe Kardashian, she just seems so fun!
4. Something that you want to learn to do? (drive, cook, paint etc..)
I want to be able to speak many languages fluently and retain what I've learnt!!
5.A memory you'd love to relive?
My holiday to Dubai last year. That city is so heavenly
6. One food that you don't think you could live without?
7. Favourite shop?
New Look
8. An achievement you are most proud of?
My Business Law degree
9. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
To turn back time and make sure certain things which had happened, didn't.
10. Tea or Coffee?
11. If you could be best friends with anybody, famous or fictions, who do you think it would be?
Hmmm. I'm not sure. Salem from Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

Hmm.. Let's see.. My questions now..

  1. What one item of makeup can you not live without?
  2. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
  3. Who is your beauty inspirations?
  4. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook?
  5. Why did you start blogging?

Now the five bloggers I'm going to pick are..
Make sure you check out these ladies' blogs! And enjoy :)

Thank you for reading! <3 x.


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  1. congrats!! :)
    Follow for follow? It would be amazing !